Heading to Goodyear today …

The Padres are taking their first road trip of the spring today, as we’ll go 30 or so minutes down the 101 to Goodyear, where the Cleveland Indians are training in a brand-new facility and a new stadium that they will share with the Reds next spring.

We haven’t had a chance to talk with manager Bud Black yet this morning, but I’ll post some notes after we do so. For now, all I can offer you is the starting lineup, the pitching rotation for today and a great recommendation for sushi in Peoria (Sakana, 59th and the 101).

So here we go …

CF, Scott Hairston
2B, David Eckstein
1B, Adrian Gonzalez
DH, Kevin Kouzmanoff
LF, Chase Headley
3B, Edgar Gonzalez
RF, Will Venable
C, Nick Hundley
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Cha Seung Baek

Today’s pitchers: Baek, Jae Kuk Ryu, Cesar Ramos, Mat Latos, Will Inman, Ivan Nova, Oneli Perez, Gabe DeHoyos and Wilton Lopez.

Update: Catcher Henry Blanco will play for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic. I’ll have a story up on this in a while but it appears Venezuela manager Luis Sojo could not come up with a third catcher, which would have allowed Blanco to remain with the Padres, which was his wish

Since we’ve talked a lot about on-base percentage by the leadoff hitter each inning, I thought I would document how the Padres fared with this yesterday: It wasn’t that good, honestly. Here is how it went: Of the 10 innings yesterday, the leadoff hitter reached base in the third inning (Jody Gerut walked) and the 10th inning (Mitch Canham single). Neither of those guys came around to score.

Cheers, Corey


Yeah, I noticed that the leadoff hitters did not do as well yesterday. Did you notice that Cliff Floyd went first pitch in all three of his ABs and only saw three pitches? What’s up with that?

Corey – you’ve triped a pet-peeve … I’m pretty sure that “the 101” goes thru LA (hint, hint) …


… and I know there’s a 101 in Oregon also … and that 101 extends up to Washington …

Eh, apologies for being a bit snarky … just that the LA-speak pushes negative buttons for me … and SD readers expect more from you and all Padre reporters🙂

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