Different position, different throws …

I had the chance to talk to Chase Headley today about playing the outfield, a topic that was sure a hot one a year ago at this time when Headley was making the conversion from third base — his original position — to left field.

One of the many things Headley had to deal with in making such a move was training himself to make a completely different throw. I have some video below of Headley talking about the not-so subtle differences.

This is interesting because Headley threw out Seattle’s Russell Branyan at the plate on a single to left field in Wednesday’s charity game.

Granted, Russell Branyan will never confused with a, say, Willy Tavaras or any other player with plus-speed, but that’s not really the point. He got to the ball, got in position to field it and came up with a strong throw to catcher Nick Hundley.

A year ago, this wouldn’t have been quite as easy for Headley. Really, it’s still not, though he appears to be getting more comfortable with the position and the nuances that go with it.

Cheers, Corey

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