All eyes on Worrell …

There were no shortage of players, coaches and front-office types huddle behind the batting cage today when newcomer Mark Worrell, the sidearm pitcher obtained from St. Louis in the trade for Khalil Greene, face live hitters for the first time.

As I mentioned here yesterday, this endeavor is more for the benefit of the pitcher than the hitter, though it allows the hitter to see some live pitching up close for the first time. But for a guy like Worrell, who has been here over a week, it’s a change to cut loose with his stuff a little bit as the Cactus League schedule looms closer (Wednesday).

Worrell, oddly enough, doesn’t pitch behind an L-screen like the rest of the pitchers do to protect themselves because his sidearm delivery won’t allow for it. He didn’t have too many close calls today, though, as the hitters mostly watched pitches.

I will note that Adrian Gonzalez sent a one-hop, opposite field shot to left that bounced over the fence, bounced once a again and hit a car that was passing by. Yes, I know, pretty good stuff.

Anyway, there’s some video on Worrell below, first warming up and then facing live hitters. I think you’ll see Brian Giles in there and Kevin Kouzmanoff.

As for the rest of camp, 21-year-old pitcher Mat Latos, who we feature here yesterday, had a bout with flu-like symptoms and didn’t pitch on Saturday. He’ll likely give it a try here in a few days.

Manager Bud Black isn’t quite ready to unveil his pitching plans for the upcoming week but he did say Jake Peavy will start Wednesday’s charity game against the Mariners and throw one inning. Chris Young will do the same the following day, also against the Mariners.

Other than that, a whole lot of fundamentals being taught here, like pickoffs and rundowns, an important area to addess, especially since there are a number of newcomers like infielders Chris Burke and David Eckstein and catcher Henry Blanco.

Cheers, Corey

Remember: When watching the video on YouTube, click on “watch in high quality.”


The flu and/or stomach bug seems to be going around a number of camps. I have to tell you – those side-arm pitchers make me nervous. I’m sure they are much more in control then they look, but I don’t like it.


This is a bit off topic for this post and i find it unlikely that corey will ever see this, but, having said that… Corey, has Heath Bell’s weight loss produced any tangible improvement or change in his delivery, velocity, or athleticism that you or the coaches have noticed?

Oooh, Worrell looks great! I think he would be a great asset in the bullpen. KOOOOZ!! Adrian…LOL.

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