Pitchers pitch, hitters, well, watched …

So today was the first time hitters got to face live pitching. This almost isn’t fair, because these pitchers have been in camp for a week and have had several bullpen sessions. As for the hitters, they arrived Friday and for most of them, hitting in a cage has been their drill.

Let’s just put it this way: Most of the hitters didn’t get a whole lot of good hacks in. But that’s not always the point, as infielder Chris Burke told me. Burke said the whole point of stepping in and facing live pitching was to just see the ball. Not necessarily hit it, but just to see it.

After all, this drill was more about pitcher being able to step on the mound, behind an L-screen, and pitch to hitters standing in the box for the first time. The hitters figure to get plenty of hacks in the coming days and even when games start on Wednesday.

It’s all part of the process to get ready. Remember, there’s six more weeks of this and no one here is a finished product. Most of these guys have their own routine and preparation for being ready for Opening Day.

Put it this way: I expect that in a month or so, the advantage during these drills will be more on the hitters than pitchers.

There’s video below of Kevin Correia facing Luis Rodriguez and later
Adrian Gonzalez later facing left-hander Wade LeBlanc. Burke is also in
the video below.

Cheers, Corey

Remember: When watching the video on YouTube, click on “watch in high quality.”

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Great video! I see what you mean by “hitters watched”🙂

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