Going a little left-hand crazy today …

It didn’t really occur to be until I sat down to upload Friday’s video footage of batting practice that I tend to shoot a lot of left-handed batters. As you’ll see in the video below, I’ve got Jody Gerut, Brian Giles and Adrian Gonzalez. Why this is, I can’t tell you.

I’m left-handed, maybe that’s it?

At any rate, I’ve got some footage of right-handed Kevin Kouzmanoff in the video as well, taking batting practice. So there! Also, I got a chance to talk to Kouzmanoff about the surgery that he had on his right shoulder in November. We’ll have that posted online a little later.

It was a pretty quiet day here today. Catcher Henry Blanco arrived and worked out. We’ll have that story a little later as well. Blanco will still have six weeks and 30-plus games this spring to get acclimated to the pitching staff. He’s a veteran so I don’t expect any issues there.

At some point today, we should get the official word on the signing of right-handed pitcher Walter Silva to a Minor League contract. We alerted you to this yesterday but I expect it to become official today.

That’s it for Friday friends. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or hit me up with any of your questions. Have a good weekend!

Cheers, Corey


Hey Corey !

Keep up with the outstanding work, great videos ! I would like to see some video’s of the guys in the minors like Blanks, Hunter, Huffman, Dykstra, Carrillo, and Latos.

I think the Yankees would be happy if they could say that things were quiet. Nice video.


You’re doing a great job Corey! I’m finding myself checking this blog several times a day now for new information. I’m loving the amount of information you are putting out right now. Keep it up. It’s greatly appreciated

Thanks, Corey, for the great videos and updates. Really appreciate all the info from Peoria. Was that Maddog throwing BP? They showed him on the MLB video footage, which I figure is always from you. Great to see him in his old Pads jersery and to see Blanco in camp. Big guy!

Hey Corey,
Thanks for all the amazing videos. They are the highlight of my day as I count down to the regular season.

Being a Portland Beavers fan, I would love to see videos with Josh Geer, Wade LeBlanc, and hear how Peter Ciofrone likes being in the Bigs training.

Keep up the awesome work!

Hey Corey,
Great work, as usual. Really enjoying the videos on youtube!


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