Three (or so) questions with Nick Hundley

Honestly, I might be four questions. I lost track.

It was a slow day video-wise here today, so I decided to stop Nick Hundley and talked to him about how things have gone so far this spring.

Position players report on Wednesday so we’ll have a few more bodies in camp. I’ll try to get some footage of the hitters, well, hitting.

But anyway, he’s some video of Hundley along with some of the pitchers throwing today.

Cheers, Corey

Video tip: Click the button in the bottom right of the box and selected “HQ” for a high-quality picture from a low-quality writer!



You have a bad link, here’s the one I found for this interview:

Good Nicky interview. Thanks for the new youtubes with the pitchers. Good to see them up at and it again.

Now the link is working in your post.🙂

Great video! I loved having Nick up here in the big leagues last year, and it’s going to be great to have him as our main catcher this year. I hope Blanco shows up soon…

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