Maddux returns … sort of

I’ll have a story up on this soon, but we were told today that former Padres pitcher Greg Maddux will be joining the team Wednesday as a Spring Training instructor. Here are the first few graphs of my story.

PEORIA, Ariz. – Greg Maddux is coming back to the Padres – as an instructor for Spring Training.
San Diego Bud Black said Monday that Maddux, who retired in December after winning 355 games during a 23-year career, would join the staff on Wednesday.
Black said the Chicago Cubs, a team Maddux pitched twice for in his career, also offered a similar deal to the 42-year-old, but he chose the Padres.
“A lot of my conversations with Greg [last season] were about the future … and what he wanted to do beyond baseball. [General manager] Kevin [Towers] and I approached him with the idea if he would like to come into camp as an additional staff member to learn about life on the other side. He was excited about the possibility.”
Black said Maddux’s role is largely “undefined,” though he’ll work with players as well as possibly shadow Towers and his staff in the first of what is expected to be three trips, each lasting about a week.

Here’s some video footage from the first pitchers and catchers workout on Monday. Again, it’s nothing too exciting but the pitchers hit the field for the first time today as you will see. Jake Peavy and Chris Young can be seen doing PFP, pitchers fielding practice, an annual rite of spring if there ever was one. Also, you’ll see newcomers Chris Britton and Mark Worrell — and his funky delivery — throwing in the bullpen along with Heath Bell.

Cheers, Corey


Thank you so much for the video, Corey! It is really exciting, great to see some of our new pitchers. Britton looks like Heath. Great to see Heath, as well.

I think Maddux will have a lot to offer the young guys.


Maddux will be perfect as a pitching coach / guru. He is probably my favorite player of all-time, definitely top 2 with Fred Lynn.

Red Sox Ramblings:

Worrell has one funky delivery, and not just because of the arm angle. He looks like he doesn’t incorporate his body as much into his delivery as Cla Meredith does with his style. As he delivers the ball he’s almost standing upright. Really weird looking.

Great that MadDog will be in camp.

CAnt wait for him to get in camp and start his expertise and experience rubbing off on our boys.

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