The pitchers finally pitched …

The first official workout for pitchers and catchers isn’t schedule for Monday but the pitchers took a turn throwing off the bullpen mound on Sunday. It wasn’t a whole lot to look at, as each pitcher threw up to 25 pitches before stopping. But, hey, it was a start.

Don’t get the wrong idea, this wasn’t a lost day here in Peoria. It was a chance for some of the Padres coaches and manager Bud Black, as well as general manager Kevin Towers and a few front-office types to get a look at some new faces, like Kevin Correia, who is hoping to earn a spot in the starting rotation.

I’ve included some video below of the pitchers throwing. I’ll warn you, don’t get to excited. But it’s something I would like to use more on the blog as Spring Training rolls along and even in the regular season.

The first two pitchers you’ll see in the video are Chris Young and Jake Peavy. Then you’ll see Correia followed by a few tosses at the end of Mark Prior, who is also trying to win a job in the starting rotation.

Cheers, Corey

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Nice work with the video. It looks like the Padres have an awesome set up in Peoria. I’ve got to make a trip down there someday

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