Old school meets new school …

There are plenty of interesting story lines this spring with the Padres and I think one no one is really talking about is new hitting coach Jim Lefebvre and the potential impact he can have on the Padres’ hitters.

Lefebvre is old school. There’s no doubting that. He’s 67. He was the National League Rookie of the Year in 1965 with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been a Major League manager (three times) and has held just about every job baseball has to offer.

Old school, but certainly not narrow-minded.

In fact, Lefebvre has fully embraced statistical analysis and is using that information to his benefit as he works with hitters. He’s worked closely during the off-season with Josh Stein, the Padres coordinator of baseball research and advance scouting. Lefebvre carries all this information in a blue binder and consults it frequently.

Lefebvre likes to talk about on-base percentage but is more concerned with ball flight and measuring
balls in plays, run expectancy and non-productive outs. The information
Stein provides shows Lefebvre what areas his individual hitters need to
work on.

How will this all play out? That remains to be seen. Lefebvre has worked this winter with a handful of hitters and already has an idea of what he wants to do when Spring Training gets underway so that he can, in his words, “hit the ground running.”

Cheers, Corey


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