Now, if I were GM (Part 2)

So, it turns out, this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, this pretend GM stuff. The pay isn’t great, there are little perks. I’m quickly realizing that I better stick to writing.
Actually, I thought that picking up left-handed pitcher Jeremy Sowers from the Indians was a good move, even if it means trading away one of the nicest guys in baseball in Tony Clark.
Hey, even being a pretend GM means making tough decisions.
Anyway, I’ve got another move to consider. Chew on this, Padres fans:

The trade:
San Diego sends RHP Clay Hensley and RHP Matt Buschmann to Texas for 2B German Duran.

The skinny:
The Rangers need pitching and if there’s anything the Padres have right now in the Minors is something of a pitching surplus (not a lot, but there’s some pieces you can move in a trade). At any rate, the Padres can pick up an offensive-minded second baseman in Duran, who is already in the Major Leagues at 23. Duran has played some second base and third base and hit .300 with 22 home runs in Double-A last season. He’s young, he would be under club control for a while and would be a Major League ready second baseman to step in for Tad Iguchi and be a viable piece there for the future. Maybe he can even play some shortstop if you choose to move Khalil Greene. Hensley has shown he’s healthy and could certainly help the Rangers bullpen. Buschmann is off to a nice start at Double-A San Antonio but wasn’t a high pick originally, which doesn’t mean much (Jake Peavy, 15th round). Duran isn’t going anywhere with Kinsler ahead of him and with fellow prospect Chris Davis coming up at third base.

Cheers, Corey


I predict that Edgar Gonzalez will stick at second base and when Tadahito Iguchi (who does not go by the nickname “Tad”) comes off the disabled list, he will be on the bench. Edgar is simply a better offensive player. I don’t think the Padres need to trade for a second baseman; the position is already crowded.

Edgar sure looks like he has a good idea of what he wants to do on each AB … I like what I’ve seen so far and I hope he continues to get enough playing time to demonstrate an ability to be a full-time major league player.

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