Now, if I were GM …

Well, to amuse myself in this trying season (not for me, mind you, but for the team), I’m going to occasionally submit posts about roster moves I would make if I were the general manager of the Padres.
Don’t confuse this for open letter to Kevin Towers as to how he should run the team. I think that it’s safe to say that he’s done quite well without my help so far.
Really, I think trades are one of God’s gifts to baseball. There aren’t nearly enough of them as far as I’m concerned.
Anyway, let’s get started, yes?

The trade:
San Diego sends 1B Tony Clark and C Luke Carlin to Cleveland for LHP Jeremy Sowers.
Also, promote 1B Brian Myrow from Portland and C Colt Morton from San Antonio.

The skinny:
Sure, the Indians are probably in no position to be giving away pitchers with Jake Westbrook and Fausto Carmona on the disabled list. But the Indians need some offensive pop in a bad way (sound familiar). I think you send Clark, who could DH and play some first base for the Indians. Carlin is a good catch-and-throw guy who doesn’t project as a starter at the Major League level but has a decent bat and with Victor Martinez’s battling health issues, he’s more than just a throw-in. Now as for Sowers … there’s a lot to loke about this guy. He just turned 25 and has already made 29 Major League starts. I saw him in 2006 when he won seven games. Sowers has good control (the Padres love that) and would be a nice fit in the rotation moving forward to 2009. Remember: Greg Maddux and Randy Wolf will be free agents after this season and, other than Chris Young and Jake Peavy, there could be as many as five openings in the starting rotation. Sowers has had success at Triple-A Buffalo (4-3, 2.08) this season and his Minor League numbers are off the charts. You’re talking a guy with command of several pitches. I think he could prosper in a new organization and in the National League.
Cheers, Corey



Nice concept … nice caveat … nice idea!

Sowers sure seems like the kind of guy that KT can and does “find” and acquire … I hope you get a chance to get this idea to him … and/or get his feedback on some his thoughts on pro’s & con’s of this particular move … let us know!

And do this [If I were GM …] again!

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