About that starting pitching …

Hey, remember me? Sort of nice to be back on the road again after a week at home. I have to admit that traveling is one of the best parts of this job, though I might retract that statement in September.

For now, however, it’s nice. San Francisco is a great city and my wife is along for a few days while I cover the Padres against the Giants, who as I sit here in the fourth inning on Monday, can’t help but wonder how many games these guys are going to win this season.

Of course, opposing batters just have a way of looking bad against Padres’ starting pitching. Such was the case in 2007 and, thus far, it looks to be much of the same. Jake Peavy has looked Cy Young-like in his first two victories, Chris Young’s last start was better than his first and Greg Maddux is spinning a gem after a slow start today.

And the two guys who had the most questions entering the season — Randy Wolf and Justin Germano — each looked good in their first starts. Yes, it’s early, I realize that. But for a team that figures to be in a dogfight of a division, victories in April should be valued as much in, say, those in August and September.

Cheers, Corey


Hi, Corey.

What happened to our boy, Barrett?


Hey Corey, It’s been great watching the Pads play again. Seems like it was for ever. I’ve already went to a home game last Tuesday against the Astros and eventhough we lost it was still great to be at a game and eating those garlic fries,yummy. I like what I’ve so far from our boys. There bats are moving good and our defense has been good also. What’s your take on what you’ve seen so far? I have to ask, what do you think is going on with Hoffman??? Do you think this will be his last season with us? Seems like hitters are seeing his pitches a lot better, especially when you only have like two pitches to work with and with a fastball in the mid to low 80’s thats not much of a threat. What do you think about that?


what happened to Scott Hairston in last nights game?
did he say something really bad? or did the ump overreact a bit….

thanks! youre pretty much my hero I love the padres!

Happy Birthday Corey!

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