Empty the bench?

Well, it certainly looks as though Josh Bard has no intention of ever coming out from behind the plate, especially with the way he has looked both offensively (four hits in the first two games) and defensively (his release has been quicker on throws, though good leads/jumps by baserunners certainly hasn’t made it easy on him).

At any rate, if you’re wondering when Michael Barrett might get some playing time, well, it could come as soon as tonight, Wednesday, especially with a day game Thursday. Either way, Bard won’t start both games, as starting catchers almost always get a day game off following a night game.

Also, don’t be surprised to see Justin Huber get the start in left field tonight with a left-hander on the mound for the Astros (Wandy … what a great name … Rodriguez). Huber, who has no Minor League options, doesn’t figure to be going anywhere and this is a chance to get him a few at-bats.

Hey, on a totally random note, and just for fun, since Triple-A Portland is starting its season Thursday in what I consider one of the best cities in America — Note: If Portland had a Major League team, I’d be there in a heartbeat, leaving you to kick around another blogger.

How about a projected starting lineup for the Beavers? Sure Corey, go right ahead:

2B Matt Antonelli
SS Luis Rodriguez
1B Brian Myrow
LF Chase Headley
CF Will Venable
RF Chip Ambres
DH Edgar Gonzalez
3B Craig Stansberry
C Nick Hundley
SP Wade LeBlanc

Cheers, Corey

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