So long Peoria …

Oh Peoria, you have given me so many wonderful memories over these six or so weeks — five, if you count the trip to China. Where do I begin?

There were all those mornings at the Coffee Bean, the errant golf shots I hit, the trips to the Salty Senorita and, of course, the baseball. Saw a lot of baseball and, with the regular season upon us, that doesn’t figure to change.

Anyway, the car is packed, the gas tank is filled (Costco gas, the only place to shop these days) and I’m headed back to Diego after the game today.

Anyway, here’s the final lineup for spring with a new face thrown there on the last day in Peoria. Enjoy!

CF Scott Hairston

RF Paul McAnulty

1B Adrian Gonzalez

3B Kevin Kouzmanoff

DH Tony Clark

SS Khalil Greene

C Michael Barrett

LF Justin Huber

2B Callix Crabbe

SP Chris Young

Cheers, Corey


HeyCorey, I don’t know much of this Justin Huber, was he a good pick for us? I like the way the line up looks and I like the outfield situation to tell you truth. Jimmy talked about what great condition he was in, but yet he strained his calf. Luckly we have guys who can step up and they are younger which I think they can grow with the position. I’m going to the Angels – Padres game on Saturday shoul be fun to watch Randy Wolf pitch. GO PADS!!!!

“OUCH!” – Chris Young

Whassup with that? (ie. How is Chris Young doing after getting DRILLED with by a line drive?)

so i saw an article on by a Ted Brock, so..related? lol

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