Heading home Mao

Get it … Mao, like instead of now? Seriously, I just made that up. I’m glad to see that while I lost my Wednesday last week due to travel that I haven’t lost my sense of humor. Unless that wasn’t funny at all? Anyway, rambling a little here.Mao

Hey, I’ve got great trip. Seriously, it’s been a lot of work, I wrote a bunch, took pictures, blogged and manged to visit Starbucks each day of my visit in Beijing. I’m excited to head home to see wife and doggie for a few days before heading back to Peoria.

That’s right, hello Salty Senorita. I’ve missed you so. Found some snake wine here (see picture) but it’s just not the same. Yes, that’s a snake inside the bottle. I’d bring some home though I might get shipped to outer Mongolia for trying to sneak that through. And, last I heard, there’s no wireless in outer Mongolia, just dial-up.Snake

A few random thoughts from my whirlwind visit to China:

People drive poorly here, change lanes on a whim, don’t signal, don’t seem to know they don’t really belong on the road. Each day has been an adventure driving here, whether that be in buses or vans. Had a few cars make a u-turn around the front of our bus the other day … while we were driving.

Pedestrians cross the street when they feel like it. Maybe it’s the urge to get to the next KFC on the block (yes, people love their buckets o’ chicken here) quickly. I’m not sure. They will stand in the middle of the road and not blink even when a buses whizzes past them, all while honking. Crazy.

This might well be a communist country but there’s certainly no shortage of cultural or commercial endeavors going on. There’s a lot of museums and plenty more on the way. Part of that has to do with the upcoming summer games I’m sure. There’s no shortage of shopping malls, complete with Coach, Dairy Queen and everything other stores you can think of under the sun.

The trips to the Great Wall and even the clinics here were ones I’ll remember for a while. Honestly, I don’t know what the future holds for baseball in China. After all, Ping-Pong is pretty **** cool and doesn’t need so much equipment or even a field. These games here this weekend will certainly help spread the word, though.

Would I come back? Maybe, but I feel there’s other parts of the world I would like to visit first. Get back to Europe, Costa Rica, maybe even Japan (and I thought traffic was bad here). The list goes on and on. Seeing Tienanmen Square was amazing even if most Chinese will never likely understand why.Tsquare

That’s it for now. Got one more game today then flying back to Phoenix, through Seattle to refuel. I’ll be back in San Diego at this time tomorrow, which is crazy. What an experience! Thanks to all (family and otherwise) who checked in during the trip.

See you soon, Corey

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