I would walk 500 miles …

Hey, just got back from the Great Wall or, what they should call it, the Great Hike Up Some Old Stone, though that probably wouldn’t fit on a t-shirt, coffee mug or about any other merchandise that was for sale at the base of the Great Wall on a cloudless day here Thursday.

As pitcher Jared Wells said afterwards: "I’ve been doing a lot of running [in Spring Training]. But I didn’t think I would be breathing that hard up there."


The bus trip took about an hour and a half to cover the 50 or so miles from the hotel to the Great Wall and one of it’s prime points of entry for tourists (Baldeling), as getting through traffic here is no easy task.

That’s where we emptied our four buses and set on foot up the wall. From what I gather, not many made it to the top of the hill, which once served as a military outpost during the Ming Dynasty.

Now, it’s just an In-and-Out Burger.

Only kidding. Anyway, had a great time, as did the players, as you can read in my article that should be up on the website. Even the Friar got in the act. Not sure what he’s doing here, though it might be some ancient tribal break-dancing that I here is huge in these part. You go, DJ Mao! Gwall

Cheers, Corey


have a tsingtao beer for me,is frank and barbara there? are you going to get lade in china?

Did you make it to the top?

if professional athletes have a hard time getting to the top, no way can i make that.

Nice title for today’s blog, haha. I warned ya about the hike… were you the second member of your family to make it to the top?

…Was there a roller coaster there?

1. Had Tsingtao, it was pretty good. Frank and Barbara are here. I’m married.
2. Didn’t get to the top, three quarters of the way.

3. Smurfy, it was a haul to get up there.

4. Hey Zach! Didn’t make it, you’re still king!

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