China: Today, wow

It’s not often you can answer that old tiresome question, "What did you do today?" with, oh, juts went to China. Usually, it’s like, went to the gym, hit a bucket of balls, maybe even did a pass through the Coffee Bean, you know, when I’m feeling adventurous. But China? Never before today.Flag

Arrived here at the team complex in Peoria early to drop off my bag and check email, blog a little and purchase life insurance so the dog can live a comfortable life after I’m gone. Move on Sofie Bean … you will be fine eventually, someone else will be there to pick up your poop.

Kidding, of course, though my media relations people here with the Padres were kind enough to hand me a packet this morning that, silly me, I figured had some important documents for the upcoming trip. What did I get? A few printed articles from the

Man, it’s nice to have such thoughtful friends. Guess who’s not getting a budda statue or a pirated DVD copy of The Other Boleyn Girl? That’s right.

Anyway, my next post will be from Beijing sometime tomorrow. Wish me luck friends.

Cheers, Corey

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Life insurance jokes. . . not funny to the new bride.

Discussion of souvenirs for your wife and dog. . .keep talking.

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