No more Matt Holliday jokes …

Seriously, it’s time to stop. I promise I will if you will. I only bring up the need to stop the jokes about Holliday never touching the plate — you know, we’re still waiting, blah, blah, blah — because Colorado is stopping by the Peoria Sports Complex today to play the Padres.Holliday

Well, I’ll post a picture here of the Holliday slide and then we won’t talk about it ever again, ok? That seems fair and, really, I needed a picture otherwise this post that I’ve so very carefully put together would look pretty land.

I know, shut up Corey and just post the lineup. So here it is:

LF — Scott Hairston
2B — Tadahito Iguchi
CF — Jim Edmonds
1B — Tony Clark
SS — Khalil Greene
C — Michael Barrett
RF — Paul McAnulty
3B — Luis Rodriguez
SP — Jake Peavy

My thoughts: Look for Peavy to establish his fastball low and away and possibly mix in a slider or two with a few change-ups. Glendon Rusch will throw two innings after Peavy. There’s not a whole lot to say about the lineup other than I’m really enjoying watching McAnulty hit. The guy took a good walk yesterday, showing good patience at the plate.

Cheers, Corey


Hey Corey,

I like the lineup. Kind of looks like something we would see in a regular season lineup. I hope Peavy gets on point in this game. Hope the PADS can bring it and give the Rockies a whoopin.

Nice interview with Jenny today. Just saw it on Postgame. Is Jenny single? Haha. Heard anything about Edmonds? That didn’t take too long for him to get injuried.

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