First look at the Giants

The Padres get their first look at the San Francisco Giants today at Peoria Sports Complex at 12:05 p.m. PT. Greg Maddux gets the start today, his first of the Cactus League season.

I get asked a lot about when Maddux is going to retire. The best answer I can give is that we’ll know when he knows, meaning that he’s given no indication that he wants to hang it up. This is a guy who said that last year was one of the best times he’s had in his career.Maddux_1

He keeps himself in great shape — must be the 27 holes he plays each day — and still has that wicked movement on his pitches that has made him so successful over the years. No, he doesn’t usually work beyond six innings anymore but as long as you have that understanding and you have someone ready in the bullpen you’re fine.

Anyway, here’s the lineup for today’s game:

LF — Scott Hairston
2B — Tadahito Iguchi
CF — Jim Edmonds
1B — Tony Clark
SS — Khalil Greene
C — Michael Barrett
RF — Paul McAnulty
3B — Craig Stansberry
SP — Greg Maddux

My thoughts: McAnulty is back in the lineup for the second time in as many days. He hit a three-run home run on Monday in Maryvale and has looked good in the field. The guy is in great shape. He did a nice job of cutting a ball off in the corner the other day, preventing an extra-base hit. He’s out of options so if he doesn’t make the team, he could very well end up elsewhere. Wonder if the Padres are showcasing him for other teams?

Cheers, Corey


haha check out that mustache.

Smurfy, that was the cool thing to do back in the 80s — no, I never had one, though and don’t feel like I missed anything.

I agree with you that they might be showcasing him but why is my question. To get a outfielder who can hit? Isn’t that what he is? His defense can’t be Klesko bad.

re: McAnulty … both of his ABs in this March 4th game were good … 1st AB was a rope right at the RFer … 2nd AB was a HR on a 2-2 count off a left-handed pitcher which was smoked … then today, March 5, he worked the count full and took ball 4 in his only AB … another good AB … I’m rootin’ for this guy to make the team … he’s a hitter …

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