Behold, the Japanese media …

Good morning from Peoria, where the sun is out and the games count. Well, starting today they do as the Padres face the Royals here in Peoria at 12:05 p.m.

Should be an interesting day on a lot of fronts, especially with what figures to be a larger than usual gathering of Japanese media who will be here to watch Tadahito Iguchi in a Padres uniform and Hideo Nomo pitch for the Royals. We’ve been warned that we need to stake our our seats in the pressbox early. It’s sad it’s come to that.Media

Reminds me a little of my days covering the Mariners, especially after Ichiro arrived in Seattle. The crush of Japanese reporters was crazy and it stayed that way for a while. There’s still a decent group of reporters who cover him and, honestly, these guys are pretty cool.

Anyway, on to baseball. Here’s the lineup for today’s game against the Royals. Remember: Don’t get too worked up about who is playing and who is not. There’s a lot of games and playing time and at-bats will come for players.

DH Callix Crabbe
2B Tadahito Iguchi
CF Jim Edmonds
1B Tony Clark
SS Khalil Greene
C Michael Barrett
LF Scott Hairston
RF Paul McAnulty
3B Craig Stansberry
SP Shawn Estes

My thoughts: Estes pitches to Major Leaguers — presumably, the Royals will have a few in the lineup today — for the first time since 2006. There’s a few regulars in the lineup and I like seeing Crabbe at the top of the order. I think this guy has a lot to offer and the Padres want to see as much of him as possible.

Hey, feel free to leave a comment of what you think about the lineup or any questions you might have. Gets a little boring talking to myself. Plus, people look at you a little strange.

Cheers, Corey



You have both Crabbe and Edmonds listed at CF. Is one of them going to DH?

Estes hasn’t pitched to major leaguers since *2006* … … and even then it was only 1 start (6 IP) … and he only pitched 28.1 innings across 3 minor league levels last year … it will be good for Padres if he can contribute … but it is a long-shot, indeed …

Crabbe is the DH, typo there. And you’re right about Estes, that one start was his only start in ’06 for the Padres. Still, the team is very high on him.

Your story on today’s game lists Estes as a right-hander. That may be the reason for all the hits today against Shawn, as he is normally a left-hander! Thanks for the daily spring updates, they are much appreciated by us stuck here in SD.

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