The play …

I talked with Michael Barrett the other day about a number of topics, mostly last season and everything he went through. My story goes into that more but I didn’t, for lack of space, get too much into the play in Colorado, something Barrett talked a lot about.

Barrett entered the game late after starter Josh Bard left the game and was on the field in the 13th inning when the Rockies rallied for the victory on Jamey Carroll’s sac fly that scored Matt Holliday from third base.

Here’s what Barrett had to say about that inning, that play:Barrett

"I went in around the sixth or seventh inning and it was like ‘we’ve got to hold them, we’ve got to hold them,’ the whole time. Just having that feeling is what you live for, what you play for. Right before the play happened, I went out to Trevor [Hoffman] and told him we were going to get out of this. I said it will all the confidence in the world. I knew that Trevor was going to get out of it.

"With Jamey Carroll up, I’ve known him for years and I Knew he wasn’t going to hit a ball out our outfielders. I knew with Holliday at third, we’ve get him out [on a play at the plate]. When the ball was hit, I couldn’t stand in front of the plate because the ball wasn’t there yet. I blocked the plate at the last minute and he was called safe and the place just erupted.

"It was like time stopped. For a moment, the world stopped turning. All I wanted was to go to the playoffs. I was just standing there, wondering what happened. The roaring of the crowd was just numbing."


everyone has been so into how Trevor Hoffman was feeling about that game, no one really focused on Barrett and how he was reacting to it.

but u just can’t help but wonder what if….

I still firmly believe that Holiday never touched home plate. I also believe that if Barrett would have immediately lunged after the loose ball and tagged Holiday, the ump would of called him out. Since Barrett was in a daze…the ump raised his hands in the “safe” movement and my beloved Pads had to turn it in. I also firmly believe the Pads are going to be even better this year. The NL West doesn’t stand a chance. Has a team ever posted a pitching staff with 5 guys north of 13 wins???? Consider it done this year (5X13=65 + Peavy’s other 12, Young’s other 10) All that equals minimum of 87 wins – just from the Starting Five!!

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