A typical day here …

So things are pretty slow these first few days of Spring Training, position players are just starting to show up and pitchers and catchers have been here a week — imagine this — pitching and catching. It really isn’t too exciting and there’s little news, though things will pick-up shortly.

Just to give you an idea how a typical days goes, I arrive at the field no later than 8 in the morning, depending if I made coffee back at the condo (it actually happens) or stopped at the local Starbucks. Well, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of local Starbucks stores. These are essentially on every corner, just begging for visitors. Who am I to say no.

After driving over to the Peoria Sports Complex, where the Padres train, reporters get set up in the media workroom and slowly head over to the clubhouse where players start trickling in early, some earlier than others. Take Greg Maddux. He gets his work done early (weights and such) so that he doesn’t have to do it in the afternoon, thus freeing him up for 27 holes of golf. I’m not kidding here.

We meet with manager Bud Black in his office around 9:15 to discuss, well, any number of topics. As I mentioned, since it’s still early, there’s not a whole lot to kick around: A player with visa issues, a strained hamstring, etc. But these sessions are far from boring.

Take Wednesday, when myself, AP writer Bernie Wilson, ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez, Dan Hayes of the North County Times, Tom Krasovic from the San Diego Union-Tribune, Black and general manager Kevin Towers somehow strayed off the topic of baseball and instead talked music.

Now we had some divergent musical tastes here. Black isn’t a big fan of music from the 80s. I am. Hayes, the youngest of the lot, isn’t a big fan of music from the 70s. Some of the bands we talked about? Believe it or not, the Bangles, Clash, Black Flag, Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie and, one of my favorites from the 80s … Loverboy.Loverboy2

I saw Loverboy no fewer than two times in my youth, once in the Kingdome (RIP) where they played with Bryan Adams, BOC (if you have to ask, well …) and the Scorpions. I was young, so young that I had to ask my uncle what that weird smell was (again, if you have to ask …).

Somehow, we get some stories written and we start it all over again the next day. It’s fun, I won’t lie. Baseball and Loverboy make for a pretty good day in my world. Mix in some Guster and, well, I would be in heaven.

Working for the weekend, Corey   


Love me some Guster. Cranking up Guster and watching some baseball would be an ideal day for me.
What was Black and Towers’ favorite bands?

Keep up the good work with the blog.

To make good use of life one should have in youth the experience of advanced years, and in old age the vigor of youth. Do you think so?
– Air Jordan

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