Welcome to … Gila Bend?

Since this is will be my first entire spring covering the Padres — I came over from the other side of the parking lot last year at this time, where I had been covering the Mariners — I consider myself lucky in that I no longer have to fly to Spring Training, rent a car, all that jazz.

Instead, I got to drive over from San Diego today in my own car, the first time I’ve taken the mostly not-so scenic drive on I-8 through such lovely destinations as Aztec (seriously, that’s its name) and, of course, Gila Bend, where I actually heard a Milli Vanilli song while in the Burger King bathroom.Newgila

"Baby … don’t forget my number." Don’t lie. You know that song.

Anyway, glad to be in Peoria, where things will pick up on Thursday when Padres’ pitchers and catchers report. There won’t be a whole lot of action until the first workout Saturday but I’ll be here to report on what’s happening and, of course, to blog.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to comment on the blog and I’ll do my best to answer them as we move forward. Six weeks (well, five, with the trip to China) in Peoria, it should be fun.

Here’s hoping I brought sunscreen, Corey


Yah, I drive every year too. Yuma is like a giant trailer park. I always stop at Gila Bend for gas too. I’m not sure what the point of this post is. Go Padres!

Hi Corey. My name is Francesco Montanari. I live in Fano, a city in the Adriatic Coast near Ancona and i’m 22. My english is not perfect but I want to thank you for this blog. I read it every day because it’s very beatufil. If you want you can see an italian site of american sports http://www.playitusa.com, the best italian site of baseball, football, hockey and basket and so on.

Go Padres Go Go!!!!!!!

It’s good to see that baseball even has some popularity in Italy!! Maybe I should go scout it out hehe… when my dream of becoming a professional scout comes true😀

p.s. enjoy spring training Corey… Don’t think I’ll be able to make it out this year

Forget China, let’s all go to Italy. Jrohr, sorry you can’t make it out here. I encourage everyone that’s a baseball fan to make it to spring training at least once in a lifetime. It’s pretty cool, even when you’re working!

Im thinking of taking my family to a spring training game. I hear its a lot of fun, espically for my boys who are 6 and 9. I’ll make sure to stop at Gila Bend. Sounds like one of those weird places to take a break like on the way to Vegas. Good times. Have fun Corey and make sure to keep us all posted on whats goin on out there and I hope to make it out there. Beers are on me! GO PADRES!!!!!

See and we always eat at the the Flying Saucer restaurant in Gila Bend….talk about a greasy spoon….

We’ll be heading your way soon for some fun in the sun with the boys of summer that call San Diego home.

See you all out there PFF

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