Keeping KT

It’s not a corner outfielder, but at some point this week, possibly as soon as Tuesday, the Padres will announce a significant contract signing: That being an extension for general manager Kevin Towers, the longest-tenured general manager currently in baseball.

Like other general managers who have decent tenure, you can look at Towers’ record and find scores of good trades (getting Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez from Texas) and and bad trades (dealing Mark Loretta to the Red Sox for, cough, Doug Mirabelli) as well as free-agent signings that can also be classified as good or bad.Towers2

Towers has been hailed as something of a genius for some of his moves, fleecing, if you will, other general mangers (still wondering how and why the Mets dumped Heath Bell) and putting together a competitive, contending team more often than not under sometimes difficult financial constraints.

A side note: For a better looks at some of Towers’ deals, I would highly suggest picking up Geoff Young’s book, "Ducksnorts, 2007 Baseball Annual". Geoff, who has been running the well-informed blog long before blogging became cool, has helped a newcomer on the beat get acclimated. Looking forward to his 2008 annual.

At any rate, I’m wondering what your thoughts on Towers are. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better talent-evaluator among general managers than Towers. Like other GM’s, Towers has scouting in his blood. Unlike some GM’s, he uses it to his advantage more often than not.

UPDATE: The Padres will hold a press conference on Wednesday at PETCO Park to announce that they have signed Towers to an extension that will take him through the 2010 season. As usual, we will be there and will have a story up on the site sometime later Thursday evening.

Cheers, Corey


HAHA We all know KT knew what he was doing all along in the Loretta for Mirabelli for Bard & Merideth deal. He’s a genius!!

I’m all for locking up KT….as you read in my post earlier today the Padres are tops in the NL in getting the most wins for their money and he is a huge part of that.

Sdpads: Thanks for the note, I’ve had trouble getting my posts on your site to appear. Not sure if it’s an issue on my end or not.

Hmmm…I’m not sure. The only post I’ve gotten from you was the one yesterday. I’ll look into that.

KT is an absolute genius at finding low priced pitching talent. He is WAY focused on pitching, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but has taken it to the detriment of the offense. He and his staff are sorely lacking in the skills needed to identify similar low priced offensive talent and as important as pitching is… you’ve got to be able to score some runs… especially in the post season.

bring back ausmus .he lives in encinitas,,i have his 1st home run ball. or.bring back piazza ,i dropped his 400th homer,,maybe 500 piazza as a padre.

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