Swan song for Khalil Greene?

I can’t help but think this could very well be Khalil Greene’s last season with the Padres. Here’s why.

The Padres and Greene’s representation failed to reach a long-term contract for the shortstop. The hesitancy here is one-sided here, and it’s not the Padres who are balking on a long-term deal.

General manager Kevin Towers would like nothing more than to lock up Greene — coming off of his best professional year — to a three-, or four-year contract.Greene

But Greene’s camp has balked at a long-term deal and were willing to head to arbitration this year and, I have to guess, they’ll be willing to do the same next year, as Greene heads into the last year (2009) that he’s under club control. 

This leads me to believe that Greene, ultimately, wants to play elsewhere. Maybe the East Coast, closer to his home in South Carolina. Maybe the hitter-friendly American League or just maybe somewhere other than PETCO Park, where Greene, for his career, is hitting 52 points lower (.228) than on the road (.280).

So, if you were the Padres, what do you do?

Do you trade Greene after the season rather than head into the last season that he’s under club control? He’s coming off a huge year at the plate, he’s very good defensively and his trade value is through the roof right now and, at 28, he’s in the prime of his career.

Or do you try to convince his agent once again that he should sign a long-term deal here, hoping  that they have a change of heart? What complicates matters is the Padres don’t have a shortstop in their Minor League system who is remotely close to being Major League ready.

What would you do? Would you let it play out and see what happens? Would you be pro-active in moving Greene?

Cheers, Corey


as a new age padre fan (2004 and beyond) i would be extremely sad if Khalil is traded or leaves via free agency. he’s been here since petco was opened, i don’t even remeber who used to be in SS before Greene (Ramon Vazquez?, chris gomez in 1999). But i think it’s true that he would like to be traded, he never puts a smile during the games, not even if he hits a walk-off, he doesn’t seem to have that love for the city and/or the sport. i hope he is kept, tough.

I don’t see anything happening this season with Khalil, unless his side decides they want to talk long-term deal and I don’t see that happening. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

This is unfortunate, since Greene has the chance of going to the Hall of Fame one day; however, it is obvious that he is not happy, which means the Padres are not getting the most out of him. Since his VALUE is very high right now, based on last year’s performance and the Padres need some more power, I would trade him NOW. Yes, he is a great defensive player, but he strikes out far too much. He is a ****** for a slider – low and outside. I thought that would change, but it hasn’t. Really pathetic. I’d put him out there, going for the most power we can get. I think I’d try Antonelli at short; maybe even Headly. Pardon the spelling.

I guess that hair-do of his really has nothing to do with our surf culture huh? I’d start looking into the Braves and TB Rays farm systems. That’s as close as he’ll get to South Carolina. He could bring in a good haul of prospects. How about Evan Longoria from TB?

Pepetoo: That’s the catch. If you are convinced he won’t sign a long-term deal, which we’re not sure of yet, then when do you unload him if at all? You would almost certainly have to get a shortstop in return in the deal I would think. JCarlos: I think the Rays wouldn’t part with Longoria for anything but I like you’re thinking. The Padres will certainly have to aim high and likely could get a fair amount of talent in return for Greene.

What do you think of a 3 for 1 deal with the Angels, who are looking for some power, Khalil Greene, for Erick Aybar to replace Greene defense at short and provide speed, Reggie Willits and Juan Rivera would solve our out field problem now and for the future. Reggie Willits is the type of player fans would fall in love with a la Greene and be our Center fielder for the future and lead off hitter along with proving depth this year behind Edmonds. Juan Rivera has the potential to replace Greene’s power production along with a more consistent batting average and play right field with a great arm, allowing Giles to play his natural left field position (less demanding) coming off a bad knee injury and Headley time in the minors to play outfield. The 2009 line up would then look something like this: 1. Willits CF 2. Antonelli 2B 3. Kouzmanoff 3B 4. Gonzalez 1B 5. Rivera RF 6. Headley LF 7. Bard C 8. Aybar SS

I agree that the Angels have some excess and that Greene would probably welcome such a move. That said, I don’t think the Padres will bite on it, nor am I convinced the Angels would either. I think Greene stays at least this season. The looks of that 2009 lineup isn’t bad at all.

Well, well. I just read that KG has signed on for 2 more years with the Pads. I think this is good news. Especially if KG can get his clutch-hitting edge back. In ’07 he hit for more power, but had lots of strike outs, and did not produce as much with RISP.

For those of you who says he is unhappy only because he never smiles, that is not true at all! He only does this because his religion is focused on keeping a balance and not showing much emotion. I would be crushed if he left, he is one of the only reasons I like the padres!❤ Khalil!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE!!!!!

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