Back to work: Post wedding edition

Hola, back from a week in Cancun (our hotel is pictured below) followed by a day at Disneyland — my wife loves the place and, really, we were looking for any way to prolong our honeymoon.Cancun
Observation: I’m all about supporting the local team but I might have seen more Chargers’ jerseys than mouse ears at Disneyland.
Funny, most of those jerseys looked pretty new, not that I’ll accuse anyone of jumping on the bandwagon or anything.
Anyway, back to baseball.
On Thursday, the much-anticipated fly-ball session of the century will take place — kidding, of course — at PETCO Park when Chase Headley takes a shot at the outfield. He’ll be joined by Matt Antonelli, who will take ground balls and fly balls as well as outfielders Scott Hairston and Chad Huffman.
It might take some time but I think Headley will eventually be fine in the outfield. As for Antonelli, it will be interesting to see how he looks in center field. He just moved from third base to second base last season and the Padres still think highly of him at second base.
However, the team thinks he’s a good enough athlete to possibly make such a move down the road, though he’ll likely spend the entire 2008 season as a second baseman, either starting back at San Antonio or in Portland.
We’ll have all the details on later Thursday, so make sure and check back to see how Headley and Antonelli looked.

Cheers, Corey


Congrats, Corey! We used to stay at the Marriott there but it was pi-shaped so wondering what that dream place is. Looks awesome. Best to you and the bride and see you this season.


Congratulations, Corey, and welcome back!

Geoff @

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