Building a roster, Part 1

I don’t envy the Padres, not when I look ahead and see the potential sticky decisions the team will have to make when they sit down in March and piece together their 25-man roster.
I’ve taken a few cracks at it this morning and I’m having some difficulty. Too many relief pitchers, too many Rule 5 guys and not nearly enough guys named Callix.
Just kidding on Callix, but that might be my new favorite name and I think the guy can play, too.
Anyway, I think you get my point.
Granted, a lot can happen between now and decision-time — injuries, trades, guys getting lost on the trip to China. But it’s evident the Padres have some tough choices to make.
So let’s kick this around, starting with the team’s strength: pitching.Chrisyoung

Let’s start with the locks: Peavy, Young (pictured), Maddux and Wolf are in. That’s four starting pitchers with someone from the group of Rusch, Hensley, Estes, Germano and, quite possibly Prior, emerging as the fifth starter. So we can safely say five starters. Easy enough, right?

What isn’t so easy to figure is the muddled bullpen, though this is a nice problem to have, having too many pitchers. It sure beats crossing your fingers, hoping Tanyon Sturtze makes the club and wins 15 games, doesn’t it?
OK, the bullpen. Let’s look at the locks: Hoffman, Bell, Cameron, Guevara, Meredith and Thatcher.  That’s 11 pitchers right there.
OK, so I don’t know if Thatcher is a lock but the guy proved he can handle important innings and that he can get right-handers out as well, a plus for any left-hander.
I like Guevara, though I think the other Rule 5 pick-up, Gardner, gets offered back to the Yankees. Again, too many bodies.
And what about Hampson, another lefty who fared well and bailed the team out on several occasions in 2007? There’s Mauro Zarate, a pick-up from the Marlins. Where does he fit. Wil Ledezma? Does he make it?

My guess for Opening Day is: Starters (5): Peavy, Young, Maddux, Wolf and Rusch. Relievers (7): Hoffman, Bell, Cameron, Guevara, Meredith, Thatcher and Germano.

Anyway, all good questions to ponder on Dec. 21. Getting married in 15 days, so this is a nice way to take a break from planning, even though right now I’m supposed to be figuring out what song I want to dance with my mother to.
Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) is the early leader. She’ll love that one.

Cheers, Corey


Welcome back Corey.

My suggestion: Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”.

This is the first time I’ve read your blog, but I like it a lot informative with a generous helping of humor is always a good mix. Love the music references and the “what’s on your ipod” bits as well. Music and baseball go so well together. And I agree with you, the ’80s had its moments but i’d steer clear of using “Safety Dance” at your wedding. Can you slow dance to the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”? Well probably not. Anyway, good luck and congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the note Tim, glad you like the music references. It helps me keep my sanity … especially with a wedding this week. Corey

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