Barrett is back, but for how long?

Was I the only one who thought that Michael Barrett’s short tenure with the Padres ended that night in Colorado?
I figured that some catching-starved team would swoop in and sign Barrett, a free agent, to a multi-year deal. I mean if Carlos Silva can get $44 million …
Anyway, no one did and Barrett accepted the Padres arbitration offer and signed a one-year contract worth $3.5 million on Wednesday.
My question is this: Is he really coming back?Barrett_1
Now that he’s under contract, Barrett would be much easier to move in a deal for, say, an outfielder.
The Padres stance is they are perfectly content to have Barrett as their backup to Josh Bard, though paying such a player $3.5 million doesn’t make a whole lot of financial sense.
My guess is the Padres figure Barrett will revert back to his old ways — .266 career batting average, some pop, etc. I can see it happening. The guy had a lot on his plate last season: The dugout fight with Carlos Zambrano, being traded and a nasty concussion that was worse than anyone knew.
Anyway, back to my original premise: Will Barrett be on the Opening Day roster?
The Padres signed Robert Fick to a Minor League contract on Wednesday, though he hasn’t been behind the plate since the 2006 season. I’m not sure if the Padres think his catching days are over.
Also, the Padres signed outfielder Jeff DaVanon, which could give them a productive platoon in left field with Scott Hairston.
So we’ll see what happens next with Barrett. If the Padres really do want to make a splash and get another outfielder, would a package of Barrett and a prospect, say, catcher Nick Hundley, get them anything substantial?
Stay tuned.

Cheers, Corey

On the Ipod: Stars, by Hum. Not sure they would qualify as a one-hit wonder, but I can only think they’re enjoying the royalties from providing this song for that Cadillac commercial that runs all the time.

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